Scholarships for studying abroad by Indian Government

The Indian Government offers several scholarship programs to help individuals who want to pursue their higher education at top international university without worrying about their finance. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses and other related costs. The list of scholarships offered by Indian Government to Indian students for study abroad is as follows

1. National Overseas Scholarships

The National Overseas Scholarships (NOS) is a program by the Indian Government aimed at providing financial assistance to Indian students belonging to scheduled castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) to purse their higher education abroad. The Scholarships covers expenses such as living costs, study tours, airfare and institutional fees

2.Indian Council for Cultural Relations

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) offers scholarships for Indian students to study abroad through various programs. These Scholarships cover a wide range of disciplines and are available for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in countries across the world. The ICCR scholarships aim of foster cultural exchange and strengthen diplomatic ties between India and other nations

3.Nehru Master’s Fellowships

The Nehru Master’s Fellowships are prestigious scholarships offered by the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund to support Indian students pursuing Master’s degree programs at selected universities abroad. These fellowships are awarded annually to exceptional students with outstanding academic records and leadership potential. The Nehru Master’s fellowships aim is to bring up leaders and scholars, fostering academic excellence and international collaboration

4. GREAT Scholarships

The GREAT (Global Research and Education Alliance for Talent) scholarships are launched by the Indian Government in partnership with various countries including the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada to provide financial assistance to Indian students for studying abroad. They aim is to promote educational exchange, cultural understanding and academic collaboration between India and its partner countrie

5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plan

The commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan (CSFP) it is a scholarship program facilitated by the Indian Government in partnership with commonwealth countries to support Indian students in pursuing higher education abroad. These scholarships are available for master’s and PhD studies in various fields at universities in commonwealth member countries

6. Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships

The Inlaks Shivdasani foundation is philanthropic organization that offers scholarships and grants to support talented individuals from India in pursing higher education and professional development opportunities abroad. The foundation provides scholarships primarily for postgraduate studies at leading universities worldwide covering various fields of study like Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Social Science and engineering. The foundation aim is to empower Indian students to purse advanced education opportunities globally and become future leaders and innovators in their respective fields

7. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship

The Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship is a scholarships program offered by the Indian government for Indian women to pursue higher education abroad. This fellowship aims to empower Indian women through education and leadership development. The fellowship is awarded based on academic merit, leadership potential and the applicant’s proposed course of study

8. Aditya Birla Scholarships

The Aditya Birla group offers scholarships to support Indian students pursuing higher education abroad. These scholarships aim to recognize and nurture exceptional talent by providing financial assistance to outstanding students for pursuing postgraduate studies in virous fields such as engineering, management, law and more at reputed international universities. This scholarship program also provides opportunities for personal and professional development through mentoring, networking and leadership development initiatives

9. The Lady Meherbai d Tata Education Trust

The Lady Meherbai d Tata Education Trust (LMTET) scholarships are available to Indian women who have completed their undergraduate studies in India and wish to pursue postgraduate studies in various fields like Social Sciences, Humanities, Pure Sciences, applied Sciences, Law, Architecture and Medicine in abroad. The Scholarship program seeks to support talented and deserving Indian women who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential and a commitment to their chosen field of study

10. Fulbright kalam climate fellowship

The Fulbright kalam climate fellowship is a joint initiative between the United States-India Educational foundation (USIEF) and the Government of India’s department of Science and Technology under the Fulbright program. This fellowship aims to provide opportunities for outstanding Indian students to engage in research at leading US institutions, participate in academic exchanges and collaborative efforts addressing climate related challenges.