University Selection

Over the years, we have gained specialized experience on finding the right universities for your profile. We often see students squander thousands of dollars on their application process. We still provide that specialized experience where we go a lot more in-depth on the universities you pick for your applications as a paid service. However, edbgo offers you some of that specialized knowledge through an algorithm we spent months making and years perfecting. The best part? We give it away for free. All we ask is that you share it with people who would benefit from the tool!

IELTS Training

We offer the finest training program available in the industry

One-time IELTS exam fee covered in this package

Cover all the modules of IELTS!
Develop a brief understanding of the test!
Get predicted questions for the upcoming tests!
Learn from the Cambridge Experts

Loan Assistance

We offer bank loan assistance, all through the way, from loan application to documentation to liaison with private and national banks to ensure you have a hassle-free education loan to meet tuition and living expenses overseas.

Accommodation Assistance

We provide budget-friendly accommodations to students in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Dubai, and many more, offering various amenities tailored to students’ requirements. Reside in shared housing with communal spaces for socializing and meeting new friends. Make the most of the available facilities, which often comprise communal areas for socializing, convenience stores, study areas, recreation rooms, fitness centres, and laundry services.