Why study in USA but not in Canada?

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Why study in USA but not in Canada?

The USA is a magnet for international students due to it is world class universities, vast course options and vibrant campuses. While Canada is great, the USA offers a wide range of programs, potentially more research opportunities and a large job market after graduation. If you focus on prestige and programs variety means USA is a better fit the Canada.

1.Ivy League Allure:

The Ivy League name carries immense weight. Earning a degree from a prestigious institution like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton unlocks doors. These universities boast exceptional faculty, rigorous academics, and a global alumni network that can be a powerful career springboard. It’s the allure of tradition, excellence, and a potential lifelong advantage.

2.  Variety of Courses:

USA universities often have a less rigid curriculum structure. You might be able to choose a major later in your studies, take electives from a wider range of disciplines, and even design your own personalized curriculum in some institutions. USA universities may offer a wider variety of programs, especially in niche fields or emerging areas of study. You might find unique specializations or interdisciplinary programs that aren’t readily available in Canada.

3.  Job market:

The USA job market is high compared to Canada. It offers a wider range of opportunities across industries, with a concentration in booming fields like tech and finance. Plus, USA companies often have a global reach, opening doors to international careers. This powerhouse market comes with potentially higher salaries and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

4.  Cultural activities:

The USA simmers with a richer cultural stew compared to Canada’s welcoming tapestry. Imagine bustling Chinatowns, vibrant Latin neighborhoods, and strong African American communities all woven together. The USA offers a daily dose of diverse cultures, enriching your experience with new cuisines, traditions, and perspectives. This intense melting pot can be exhilarating for those seeking a full immersion.

5.  Research opportunities:

Think of the US as a research giant compared to Canada’s strong research team. The US has more money for cool projects, top universities for big discoveries, and lots of collaboration between everyone. This means more chances to get  involved in  exciting  research, especially in fields like medicine and space!

6.  Entrepreneurship opportunities:

The USA unleashes your inner entrepreneur more than Canada. It boasts a booming startup scene, with resources, programs, and investor money flowing freely. This fosters a “go big or go home” mentality, perfect for those with ambitious business ideas. While Canada offers support for startups, the USA ecosystem is simply more vibrant and intense, making it ideal for students who dream of launching the next big thing.

7.   Unique Programs:

The USA education system offers a smorgasbord of unique programs compared to Canada’s more traditional menu. You might find niche specializations in areas like digital animation, video game design, or even hospitality management focused on sustainable practices. This is because USA universities have more flexibility to develop innovative programs that cater to emerging fields and student  interests. So, if  you have a  passion for something a little out of the ordinary, the USA education system might just have the perfect program waiting for you.

8.  Environment:

While both the USA and Canada boast stunning landscapes, the USA offers a wider range of environments to experience. From the sun-soaked deserts of Arizona to the lush rainforests of Hawaii, the USA has something for every nature lover. In contrast, Canada’s vastness is dominated by boreal forests and colder climates, with fewer dramatic geographical variations. So, if you crave diversity in your natural surroundings, the US might be a better fit.

9.  Existing Network:

An existing network in the US can be a game-changer compared to Canada. It acts as your safety net, offering support with everything from finding a place to live to navigating the job hunt. Family, friends, or even acquaintances can connect you to potential employers, offer interview tips, and be your emotional anchor. While Canada is welcoming, a US network smooths your transition and gives you a head start in student life and your future career.

10.Future Immigration:

Immigration policies are complex and can change, so it’s important to do your own research. However, historically, the US has offered more green cards (permanent residency permits) annually compared to Canada. This might make it easier to obtain permanent residency and eventually citizenship in the US, depending on your field and qualifications. However, Canada’s specific programs targeting skilled workers in certain industries can also be a strong path to immigration.


The US shines for ambitious students. Top universities, a wider range of programs, and a powerhouse job market can propel your academic and professional goals. It’s a melting pot of cultures, a research giant, and a haven for aspiring entrepreneurs. Plus, a unique program or dream location in the US might be the perfect fit. However, remember the cost and visa challenges compared to Canada. Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities and long-term vision.


I’m passionate about a niche field like sustainable hospitality management. Will the USA offer more program options compared to Canada?

Absolutely! The USA education system is known for its unique programs. While Canada offers excellent education, USA universities often have more flexibility to develop innovative programs that cater to emerging fields like sustainable hospitality. You might find specialized programs that perfectly align with your interests, giving you a competitive edge in a growing industry.

I crave adventure and want to experience diverse landscapes while studying. Does the USA offer a wider range of geographic experiences?

You got it! Imagine studying marine biology in sun- drenched Florida, followed by a winter semester skiing the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The USA boasts a broader geographic palette compared to Canada. From

scorching deserts to lush rainforests, bustling megacities to serene mountain ranges, you can choose a study environment that complements your adventurous spirit and love for nature.

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur with a killer app idea. Will the USA be a better breeding ground for my startup dream?

The USA is often referred to as a startup haven. It fosters a “go big or go home” mentality, with a thriving ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and investor networks. Compared to Canada, the USA offers more resources, programs, and funding specifically geared towards student startups. This intense environment might be the perfect springboard to launch your innovative app into the world.

I’m worried about feeling isolated in a new country. Would having an existing network in the USA be a bigger advantage compared to Canada?

While both countries are welcoming, an existing network in the USA can be a true game-changer. Think of it as your built-in safety net. Family, friends, or even acquaintances can help you navigate everything from finding an apartment to understanding cultural nuances. They can also connect you with potential employers and offer invaluable support during your job search. This head start can significantly ease your transition and make your student life more fulfilling.